Welcome to Genealogy Depot

Instructions: Select Name Index   or   Married Name Index   from the top menu for a floating tool bar, then select the initial of the required surname and then select the required individual.

Details of the selected individual will be displayed in the lower frame. Select the (top most name with orange background) and the ancestors of the individual will be displayed in the top frame, alternatively, select (top most name with yellow background) and the descendants of the individual will be displayed in the top frame.

Selecting any of the other individual links will display details of that individual in the lower frame. As the cursor hovers over an individual, date of: birth (b.) christening (c.) marriage (m.) and death (d.) if available will be displayed.

It sounds a bit complicated at first but it soon becomes obvious once you start to explore and click on a few names. Try it! It is that simple!

The Aim of the site is to provide a source of linked records providing ancestral records of numerous families. Hopefully the format is clear and useful, both as a research tool and a convenient way of viewing family records. I freely offer the facilities of the site to others for our mutual benefit.