I, like most who publish their family tree on the WWW, do so for a couple of reasons: to assist any others in their efforts to trace their family tree and perhaps receive help from others in extending my records. If you can assist in any way or have any questions please contact me at Mail Box at Genealogy Depot

For many of the records it is possible to send a message / query to the contributor, just click the ‘contact contributor’ link on the detail page and complete the form.

This site is geared to provide fully linked data, showing the links between individual, ancestor and descendant's. It is not just a simple look up service for individuals!
A great deal of data is displayed in multiple (resizable) frames in the main window and a Name Index in a second window, this has been standard browser functionality for PC’s since the last century.
Unfortunately modern ‘smart phones’ and tablets support a subset of browser functionality. Multiple frame functionality in a window is unreliable at best and viewing 2 concurrent windows is just not available. The large numbers of links on a page also make the use of small touch of such screens impractical.
Therefore I Recommend Viewing of this web site from a proper PC/Mac